Sail on the 365 colours of the Loire: an unforgettable experience !

Come and remake the world… No need for a big speech, the Loire can be discovered, without artifice and without chit-chat ! Unforgettable moments on the banks of the Loire for a weekend in the heart of the castles of the Loire. Your captain, a native of Loire, the son of a fisherman, will be able to tell you about the Loire River, the fish, the trees, the landscapes of the banks of the Loire… while respecting your tranquility in front of the show. With its different colors, its reflections, La Loire is available to you! Every day a new Ligérien show….

Quick Info

  • Level Easy
  • Time 2h
  • Minimum group by boat 12
  • Minimal age 2 years
  • Price from 365€ per boat

In pictures and videos

Journey to the heart of the Loire

Imagine yourself slipping silently on the water, with the only sound being the gentle lapping of the waves against the hull of the boat. All around you, nature flourishes in all its splendour. The birds hover above, the fish quiver under the crystal clear water, and the trees set in the reflection of the river. This is the experience we offer. Guided by a passionate captain, a native of the region, you will discover the well-kept secrets of the Loire. Each walk is an adventure, a beautiful escape from the tumult of everyday life.

Apero'Bato on Loire 2 hours

A gourmet getaway on the Loire

Let yourself be seduced by a two-hour walk on the Loire, punctuated by a gourmet apéritif. While admiring the river’s changing landscapes, enjoy a selection of local products and wines from the Loire Valley. It is a unique sensory experience, where every sip and every bite is magnified by the surrounding beauty. Apéro’Bato is the perfect occasion to celebrate a special moment or simply to enjoy the sweetness of life in Loire.

Apero'Bato on Loire 2 hours

Book your Apéro'Bato and experience the Loire differently!


Apero'Bato group

Create memorable souvenirs


Apero'Bato group

Share a unique moment on the Loire

Are you a group looking for a friendly and memorable experience? The Apéro’Bato Group is for you. Embark on a private ride, where you and your loved ones can enjoy a gourmet aperitif while sailing on the Loire. It is the ideal opportunity for reunions, celebrations or company outings. With a capacity adapted to groups, our boat offers you all the necessary comfort for an unforgettable moment of sharing.

The strenghts

  • Rives de Rêves Reference

    Referenced in rivesdereve.com site web, the Apéro'Bato is a safe bet!

  • Autentic discovery

    With a captain native to the region, each ride is an immersion in the history, culture and natural beauty of the Loire.

  • For all

    Our experience is designed for everyone, from novices to seasoned sailors, from children to seniors. Wheelchair accessible and dogs on boats.

  • Observation in any season

    The Loire is a changing wonder. Thanks to our webcams, discover it from all angles, every season.

  • Traditional vessel

    Nos bateaux, reflets de la tradition ligérienne, sont le moyen idéal pour découvrir le fleuve.


  • Time

    Although limited to 2 hours, every second is a treasure trove of emotions and discoveries.

  • Seats are limited

    Quality takes precedence over quantity. Our small groups guarantee a personalized experience. Max capacity: 4 boats/ 42 people.

  • Minimal age

    Lifejacket mandatory for children under 12 years old. Babies count as 1 passenger.

  • Weather conditions

    The Loire is capricious. Our walks are subject to the whims of the weather, but each weather offers a unique perspective.

  • On reservation only

    Please contact us so that we can prepare your event.

These strengths and restrictions are specifically related to the experience of the apéro-bato on the Loire within the leisure park and take into account the unique aspects of the park’s offer as well as practical considerations for the supervision of the activity.

Opportunities for groups

We offer special rates and offers suitable for groups. Whether for a school trip, a company outing or a family event, our barefoot trail is the ideal place. Contact us for tailor-made offers. Discover our other activities

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