Discover the World Beneath Your Feet: The Barefoot Trail Experience

Immerse yourself in a unique sensory adventure in the heart of nature. The barefoot trail invites you to rediscover the world beneath your feet, to feel every texture, every sensation, and to reconnect with the earth. Whether you're with family, friends or on your own, get ready for an unforgettable experience that will awaken all your senses. Imagine walking on pine cones, bark, pebbles and sand, each step offering a different sensation. It's an invitation to change pace, relax, explore and get closer to nature in a way you've never experienced before.

Quick Info

  • Level Accessible for all
  • Time 45 minutes
  • Minimal group 1
  • Minimal age 2 years
  • Tarif From 10€

In pictures and videos

A Sensory Journey: the Essence of the Barefoot Trail

Born in Germany and inspired by the benefits of foot reflexology, the barefoot trail is much more than just a walk. It’s an invitation to change pace, relax and explore. Each step offers you a new sensation, whether it’s the gentle tickle of pine cones, the coolness of the sand or the roughness of the pebbles. It’s an experience that reconnects you with the land, reminding you of the beauty and simplicity of nature. As you walk this trail, you discover not just different textures, but also yourself. You learn to be present, to listen to your body and to appreciate the little things in life.

Tree hug zone

Embrace Nature: connection with trees

In our barefoot trail area, we’ve created a special zone for practising sylvotherapy, an ancient and natural method of well-being. This area invites you to take a moment to immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere of the trees, to feel their vital energy and enjoy their many benefits. Recognised for centuries, sylvotherapy harnesses the healing and soothing powers of trees.

By embracing these giants of nature or simply standing in their benevolent presence, you can experience intense relaxation and deep harmony with the natural environment. It’s a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature in its purest, most soothing form.

Enrich your walk with a captivating educational aspect thanks to our integrated educational trail. As you stroll along the trail, take the opportunity to learn more about the local flora and fauna. Our trail is dotted with information panels, each offering fascinating details about the different species of animals and plants you might see along the way.

This educational experience is designed to be both entertaining and informative, allowing visitors of all ages to learn about the natural environment in a fun way. Discover the secrets of the natural world around you and enrich your understanding of the local ecosystem while enjoying a memorable day in the great outdoors.

Parcours Pédagogique

Awaken your curiosity: Discover the flora and fauna of the region

Barefoot trail

Cuddle therapy and discovering nature

The Loisirs Loire Valley Barefoot Trail offers an unusual and liberating experience, inviting young and old alike to walk barefoot along a 1km route. This unique walk takes you through a variety of textures including pine cones, bark, shavings, pebbles, sand and more, awakening new sensations beneath your feet. Ideal for families, this trail includes balancing zones and fun challenges, enriching the adventure.

Barefoot trail

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Mobile barefoot trail

Adventure comes to you

If you’re planning a special event or entertainment, our Barefoot Trail is designed to be mobile and can be set up in any location you choose, either with the assistance of an entertainer or on your own. Whether you’re organising a birthday party, community celebration or corporate event, we can bring the unique and immersive experience of our barefoot trail straight to you. Our mobile barefoot trail is more than just an activity; it’s a sensory and educational experience that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories, whatever the type of event you’re organising.

Mobile barefoot trail

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Our strong points

  • Unique Sensory Experience :

    Rediscover the world through your feet and awaken your senses. Each material has a different feel, offering an adventure with every step.

  • Connexion with the Nature:

    Enjoy the calm of the forest, listen to the birds and feel nature. It's an experience that brings you closer to the earth.

  • Suitable for All:

    Whether you're young or old, the trail is designed for everyone. It's an inclusive activity that welcomes everyone.

  • Educational Zone:

    Enrich your experience with our educational trail. Learn while you have fun and discover the local flora and fauna.

  • Calm Zone:

    Nature is there for you to recharge your batteries.


  • Shoes are Forbidden:

    To get the most out of the experience, you need to walk barefoot. It's essential to feel every texture and get the full experience.

  • Accompanying Person Required:

    For people with intellectual disabilities, a companion is necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Respect of the Nature:

    Do not pick plants or disturb animals. This is essential to preserve the trail’s ecosystem.

  • Trail not suitable for strollers:

    Provide a baby carrier for the little ones. The trail is designed to be walked barefoot and is not suitable for strollers.

  • Trail no adapted to diabetics:

    Diabetes can slow the healing process, which can cause recalcitrant infections in wounds if the person ever cuts.

These strengths and restrictions are specifically related to the barefoot trail experience within the leisure park and take into account the unique aspects of the park’s offer as well as practical considerations for the supervision of the activity.

Opportunities for groups

We offer special rates and offers suitable for groups. Whether for a school trip, a company outing or a family event, our barefoot trail is the ideal place. Contact us for tailor-made offers. Discover our other activities

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