Bubble Game: The inflated adventure that awaits you!

Dive into a new and fun experience with the Bubble Game! This sporty and friendly activity invites you to slip into a bubble of air to enjoy moments of laughter and togetherness. Whether you're with family, friends or colleagues, the Bubble Game promises a memorable adventure where fun and adrenalin are the order of the day. Imagine running, jumping and bouncing while protected by a transparent bubble. It's a unique opportunity to let go, laugh at yourself and others, and enjoy an extraordinary experience. The Bubble Game is the perfect activity for those looking to get out of their comfort zone while having fun.

Quick Info

  • Level Beginner to advanced
  • Time 1h30
  • Minimal group 10 people
  • Minimal age 10 years
  • Price from 300 €

In pictures and videos

Dive into the world of Bubble Game

The Bubble Game is much more than just a game. It’s an experience that challenges both body and mind. Wearing a head-to-knee bubble, each participant is invited to play mini-games while protected in their bubble. The activity begins with a fun warm-up to familiarise you with this new ‘armour’. Then it’s time for the competition! Different rounds are organised, giving everyone a chance to show off their skills and strategy. Laughter, falls, twists and turns… each session is an adventure in itself! But that’s not all: the Bubble Game is also an excellent way of strengthening team cohesion, developing strategy and working on physical fitness. It’s a complete activity that combines sport, strategy and fun.

Bubble Game for all

The perfect activity for a fun moment

The Bubble Game with friends is the perfect opportunity to share a unique moment with your loved ones. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, a special event or just to have a good time, this offer is designed to meet the needs of families. Children and adults can play together, strengthening bonds. There will be lots of laughs, falls and twists and turns, guaranteeing unforgettable memories for all. So why wait? Réunissez votre tribu et préparez-vous pour une aventure gonflée !

Bubble Game

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Our strong points

  • Conviviality

    The Bubble Game is the perfect way to strengthen bonds, share laughter and enjoy unforgettable moments as a group.

  • Boost cardio

    While having fun, this activity stimulates the heart, promotes blood circulation and improves general fitness.

  • Laughter guaranteed

    With its comical punchlines and unexpected twists and turns, the Bubble Game is an inexhaustible source of laughter and good humour.

  • Original activity

    Break out of your routine and try something new. The Bubble Game offers a unique experience unlike anything you've experienced before. Le Bubble Game offre une expérience unique, différente de tout ce que vous avez connu.


  • Minimal size required

    For safety and comfort reasons, minimum height required: 1.30m

  • Physical effort

    Despite its fun aspect, the Bubble Game requires a certain expenditure of energy. Get ready to move and sweat! Good physical condition

  • Good physical condition

    Although accessible to all, a good level of fitness is recommended to get the most out of the experience.

  • Risk of vertigo

    The bouncing effect inside the bubble can be surprising and make some participants feel dizzy.

  • Weather Conditions

    The activity may be subject to restrictions in hot weather.

These strengths and restrictions relate specifically to the Bubble Game experience within the theme park and take into account the unique aspects of the park’s offer as well as practical considerations for the management of the activity.

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