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With the help of a mysterious map, embark on an exciting quest for the legendary treasure of Old Joe, a pirate captain feared for his exploits on the high seas. This adventure invites you to brave a series of captivating challenges, each bringing you a little closer to the hidden loot. Along the way, you will face puzzles and obstacles that will test your adventurous spirit and bravery.

Your journey will take you through a dense forest, populated with mysterious creatures and well-kept secrets. Each clue discovered will enrich your knowledge and guide you through the meanders of this mesmerizing forest. This treasure hunt is not only a quest for material wealth; it is an opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and live an unforgettable experience. Prepare for an adventure where courage, insight and a thirst for learning will be your best allies to unveil the treasure of Old Joe.

Quick Info

  • Level facile
  • Time 1h30 à 2 heures
  • Minimal group 2 people
  • Minimal age 5 years
  • Price 10€

In pictures and videos

A legendary quest in the VAL DE LOIRE

Embark on an exhilarating adventure. Armed with parchment, follow in the footsteps of clues and puzzles scattered along the way. Be vigilant, because you are not alone in this quest: you will have to show speed and courage to reach the coveted treasure. Each clue found will not only lead you to the treasure, but will also bring you closer to the hidden treasures of our territory, rich in culture and nature.

Educational treasure hunt side

A hunting adapted for the whole family

Equipped with a map and valuable clues, embark on the quest for the treasure hidden by old Joe, a feared pirate captain who traveled the oceans before hiding his treasure in the Loire Valley. This treasure hunt is ideally suited for families, offering an exciting experience and suitable for children from 6 years old. Build your group, with your family or friends, and immerse yourself in this adventure of approximately 1h30. With each clue discovered, you will not only get closer to the hidden treasure, but you will also have the opportunity to explore and discover the cultural and natural treasures of this magnificent region.

The treasure of Old Joe

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Pedagogical side

For seasoned adventurers

Intégrez un aspect éducatif enrichissant à votre aventure de chasse au trésor. Take this unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge of the fauna and flora that punctuate your journey. Throughout your quest, you will come across the witch’s grimoire, an ancient and mysterious book, filled with detailed and fascinating information about the plants you will encounter. Ce grimoire n’est pas seulement un guide; il est une porte ouverte sur un monde de connaissances botaniques, vous invitant à explorer et à comprendre la diversité de la nature environnante.

Our strong points

  • Pedagogical Immersion

    Travel back in time and experience an authentic adventure in the heart of the forest.

  • Team Spirit

    Strengthen group cohesion by solving challenging puzzles together and sharing memorable moments.

  • Natural Environment

    Enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Loire Valley while participating in a fun activity.

  • Exciting Challenge

    Test your logic, observation and speed in this thrilling treasure hunt.


  • Precautions for families

    The activity is located on a large forest area, provide all-terrain stroller or baby carrier in case of fatigue of the youngest.

  • Depend on the Weather

    Although the activity takes place outdoors, some extreme weather conditions can influence the experience.

  • Minimal Age

    The activity is designed for participants who can read at least five years of age, ensuring an age-appropriate experience.

  • Suitable Outfit

    To fully enjoy the experience, it is essential to wear comfortable shoes and an outfit suitable for outdoor walking.

These strengths and restrictions are specifically related to the experience of the treasure hunt route within the leisure park and take into account the unique aspects of the park’s offer as well as practical considerations for the supervision of the activity.

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