Take to the skies : Discover the Net Course in the Trees!

Immerse yourself in a unique and friendly experience in the heart of the lush nature of the Loire Valley. Our treeline course invites you to explore, laugh and share unforgettable moments with family or friends. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a budding explorer, this experience is for you. Climb high and discover the forest like you’ve never seen it before. With 180 linear meters of path, hammocks, a zip line, and more, adventure awaits you!

Quick Info

  • Level Easy
  • Time 1 hour
  • Maximal groupe 20
  • Minimal age 2 years
  • Price From 15€

In pictures and videos

Explore the Course: An Adventure for all

Discover our tree netting course, designed to strengthen ties and offer an acrobatic experience closer to nature. Without a helmet, without a harness, and in complete safety, test thrills and your balancing talent. It is an adventure to share for young and old, a real friendly moment on the web to strengthen your ties with your loved ones. Explore the various dedicated spaces, such as hammocks to relax, ziplining for extra thrill, and the Tibetan bridge to test your balance.

Flydodge ​

Experience a suspended match and combine agility and strategy

Get ready to live a unique sporting experience in France with our Flydodge offer. Imagine a mix of handball and dodgeball, all played in balance in the middle of the net course. It is an exciting activity that combines agility, strategy and fun. Whether you’re competitive or just looking for a good laugh, the Flydodge is for you. Gather your friends, train your teams and book your Flydodge game now! This is an opportunity to show off your skills and have fun like never before.


Play in height



Enjoy the summit


High Peak drink

Enjoy the summit with the aperitif in the nets

Take your taste buds to new heights with our Unusual Aperitif offer. After exploring the course of nets in the trees, what could be better than relaxing with a delicious and well-deserved aperitif? Enjoy high service and a basket of carefully selected local products. Enjoy local cheeses, terrines and drinks while enjoying the breathtaking view of the surrounding forest. Book your experience Aperitif Unusual now and live a cocktail of sensations and decompression out of time. It is a unique gastronomic experience that combines taste pleasure and visual pleasure, all in an exceptional natural setting.

Our strong points

  • Conviviality

    The course is designed to foster sharing and complicity between friends and family, creating a memorable social experience.

  • Security

    With rigorous safety measures and no need for a helmet or harness, you can explore with confidence.

  • Unique experience

    Offering activities like the Flydodge and an aperitif in height, our course offers an unprecedented and exciting experience.

  • Suitable for all

    Whether you are an experienced adventurer or a beginner, the course is designed to be accessible and fun for all ages.

  • Live in weightlessness

    The course in the trees allows to rise in relative weightlessness safely.


  • Maximal weight : 120 kg

    To ensure the safety and integrity of the equipment, a maximum weight is imposed for each participant.

  • Not suitable for people with mobility problems/dizziness

    Safety being our priority, access to nets in trees can be problematic if you have vertigo problems.

  • Booking is required:

    To ensure availability and appropriate supervision, reservations may be required for net activities.

  • Weather Conditions:

    Being an outdoor activity, access to the nets may be subject to restrictions depending on weather conditions, such as thunderstorms or strong winds.

  • Be properly shod

    Access to the nets is mandatory in closed shoes.

These strengths and restrictions are specifically related to the experience of the treeline course within the leisure park and take into account the unique aspects of the park’s offer as well as practical considerations for the supervision of the activity.

Opportunities for groups

We offer special rates and offers suitable for groups. Whether for a school trip, a company outing or a family event, our barefoot trail is the ideal place. Contact us for tailor-made offers. Discover our other activities

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