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Located in a green setting near Blois, Loisirs Loire Valley is an ideal destination for family leisure. Our estate of 85 hectares, nestled in the heart of unspoilt nature, is a haven of peace and adventure, offering a multitude of fun, sporting and relaxing activities for all ages.

At Loisirs Loire Valley, we are committed to offering a varied range of family activities. Whether you are fans of thrills or looking for moments of relaxation, our park meets all your desires. Among our flagship activities, archery invites you to immerse yourself in a universe where skill and concentration are required. Our unique 3D archery course offers an immersive and fun experience for the whole family.

For those who wish to reconnect with nature, our barefoot trail is an invitation to rediscover the forgotten sensations of direct contact with the earth. . This sensory walk, accessible to all, is an original way to relax and enjoy the benefits of nature

Adventure lovers are not left behind with our treasure hunt. These activities offer the opportunity to discover the area from a different angle, combining exploration and adrenaline. And for an even more immersive experience, embark on a kayak adventure, sailing on the calm waters, a peaceful and refreshing way to enjoy the scenery.

Magicals families moments

Our activity park is designed so that each member of the family can find his happiness. We offer an ideal setting to escape from everyday life and share unforgettable moments with the family. Each activity is an opportunity to bond, laugh together and create lasting memories.

Located between Orléans and Tours, and just two hours from Paris, Loisirs Loire Valley is easily accessible. Upon arrival, you will be enveloped by the serenity of the place. The “domain de la Pépinière”, with its shaded paths and its preserved nature, is an invitation to adventure, relaxation and well-being. Whether you are looking for a day of action or relaxation, our park offers a perfect setting for a beautiful family getaway. Come and discover Loisirs Loire Valley, a place where every visit turns into an unforgettable adventure for young and old.

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    Our families activities

    Loisirs Loire Valley is an ideal destination for families looking for adventure and quality moments outdoors. Located in a beautiful natural setting, this park offers a multitude of exciting activities for all ages, guaranteeing fun and discovery for the whole family.

    Activities for the whole family

    Embrace Nature: connection with trees

    At the heart of Loisirs Loire Valley, you will find varied activities such as archery, offering a fun opportunity to learn a new skill while having fun. For those looking for a more immersive experience, barefoot trails offer a unique sensory adventure, allowing visitors of all ages to connect with nature in a fun and original way. The treetop net courses are another flagship attraction, offering a dose of adrenaline and fun, perfect for adventurous families.

    Each activity is designed to be accessible and enjoyable, ensuring that both children and adults can participate and create memories together. Whether you are looking for a day of relaxation or adventure, Loisirs Loire Valley offers a perfect balance between pleasure, learning and discovery. Come live an unforgettable day with your family, where laughter and emotions will be at the rendezvous in this unique amusement park.

    Activities for teenagers

    Embrace Nature: connection with trees

    Loisirs Loire Valley is an ideal destination for teenagers looking for adventure and outdoor entertainment. Located between Blois and Tours, this park offers a range of exciting activities suitable for young people. Teens can immerse themselves in experiences such as archery, barefoot trails for a unique connection with nature, and adventurous routes in the nets in the trees. Each activity is designed to stimulate, entertain and challenge young people in a safe and engaging environment. Loisirs Loire Valley is the perfect place for a day full of action, learning and memorable memories for teens.

    Means provided

    • Video projector

    • Wifi internet connection

    • Possibility of holding a summit meeting in the nets

    Children birthdays

    Embrace Nature: connection with trees

    Celebrate your child’s birthday at Loisirs Loire Valley for an unforgettable day full of adventure! Our packages include activities such as treasure hunts, introduction to archery, and adventures in tree nets, suitable for children and adolescents. Each pack includes a snack with drinks and invitation cards, valid for groups of five or more children. Plus, a special anniversary Advent calendar adds to the excitement, to be opened a week before the big day. With Loisirs Loire Valley, offer your child a memorable and tailor-made birthday, filled with joy and discoveries!

    Means provided

    • Outdoor dining option.

    • Welcome with coffee and choice of gourmet, sweet or savory breaks.

    • Various meal options: lunches, picnics, buffets, barbecues or cocktails.

    • Catering offer integrated into certain activities

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